North America

New York confidently refers to itself as the Capital of the world and few other cities would argue. Home to the New York Yankees and Woody Allen, the Big Apple has a population of 8 million people and is a global icon.

Headquarters to many of the world's leading investment banks and the world renowned "white shoe" Wall street law firms, New York is at the forefront of cutting edge finance transactions. As you would expect, New York's finance and legal markets are highly competitive and their leading firms will hire only the very best foreign professionals. In recent times, as finance deals become increasingly cross-border and firms globalise their outlook, more opportunities have arisen for foreign talent.

Foreign lawyers are required to pass the NY Bar unless they are working as foreign lawyers in a Law firm. New York law firms will, however, sponsor lawyers from other Common Law jurisdictions, to sit the Bar exam and often a period of study leave will be incorporated into any contract of employment.

Finance professionals have a fantastic array of opportunities in New York, from the premier blue chip investment banks, and prominent fund managers, to the boutique hedge funds, private equity and venture capitalists.

Remuneration across finance and law in New York is universally regarded as being on par with the highest in the world and this goes hand in hand with the reputation that New Yorkers have for a strong work ethic.

Boston, Washington,Los Angeles and San Francisco on the West Coast are the other North American cities that have become desirable locations for those exploring opportunities in the corporate, finance and legal sectors.